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Goyang Aram Museum


As the biggest museum in Goyang-si, Aram Museum is in the size of 1,300m2 that adopted mobile walls as the cutting edge space. According to the characteristics of exhibition and scales, exhibition can be made to serve multi-purposes. Especially, Sujanggo where preserves art works is equipped with thermohygrostat equipment and dual steel doors as a water-proof vault. This place can safely preserve art works.

Address : Goyang Aramnuri 816 Madu-dong, Goyang-si
Contact : 031-960-0180
Closed On : Legal holidays

Dongguchung Gallery <Gaon>




“Gallery Gaon” is operated by using the second floor of unoccupied space at ilsandong Gu-Office started exhibiting the work for the first time as a government office in Goyang-si on July, 2012. Starting with Ilsandong Gu-Office, Goyang-si Office and Deokyang Gu-Office are currently operating the public gallery.
At the exhibition hall one, “Life love suicide preventing poster exhibition” is led by Mental Health Promiting Center in Goyang-si. At the exhibition hall two, second personal exhibition of the artist Jungim Cho is being held with the theme of “Spring has come.”

In addition, “Irum Exhibition” consisting of the works of juveniles from “Goyang Med-Long Term Female Juvenile Rest Area” that supports the independence of juveniles through the program of consultation, education, and treatment and protects them who suffer from the difficulty is scheduled to open as of the 10th.
A charging person of Gallery Gaon said, “As this place is operated as a space for sharing culture without any burden on citizens in Goyang-si as well as on members in the club or “amateur artists, we wish for everyone in Ilsandong-gu to be mania of “Gallery Gaon.

Address : 1256 Jungang-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si (Madu-dong)
Contact : 031-909-9000
Closed On : Legal holidays

Deokyang Gu-Office Gallery <Dream>

Deokyang-gu in Goyang-si (Mayor: Sung Choi) has revealed that they will hold the third museum exhibition by Uulim local community children center at the gallery named “Dream” located on the second floor of Deokyang Gu-Office from the 31st of previous month to the 18th of this month.

Deokyang Gu-Office Dream Gallery is a culture and artistic place making people relax in the tight schedule by providing many of the scenes such as drawings, writings, and photos to citizens in Goyang-si and employees who visit Gu-Office. 

In this photo exhibition, visitors can appreciate about 50 heart-warming and interesting images that were expressed by children in Uulim local community children center with the theme of ‘Dream, Love, Hope, and Me.’ It is anticipated for ‘Dream’ Gallery Photo exhibition to provide people an opportunity to experience the world of childhood and relax as a resting area of citizens.
Address : 13 104 gil, Hwajung-ro, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si (Hwajeong-dong)
Contact : 031-909-9000
Closed On : Legal holidays

Ilsan Sea World Hanhwa Aqua Planet Ilsan


'Aqua' means the grandiose image of the sea and the meeting of oceanic science and humans, and 'planet' means that visitors are able to enjoy the concept of advanced science as if they explore the space bodies only in the . is the biggest sized-aquarium in capital areas near where Goyang Korean Wave World is located at. Especially, it is the convergence aquarium (4 floors) that is combined with indoor zoo for the first time in Korea.

Located in the middle of major facilities with more than 4 million visitors a year including Ilsan Lake Park or KINTEX, Aqua Planet has 36.5 thousand organisms of 325 kinds from the land or ocean from all over the world that visitors can enjoy with various organisms such as elephant seals, jaguar, ring tailed lemur, or Hyacith Macaw.


Address : 282 Hanryuworld-ro, Ilsanseo-gu
Contact : 031-960-8470
Closed On : Open throughout the year

Thematic zoo, Zoo Zoo


As the one and only privately held animal museum that is registered in Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2002 (252), this place is the ecological park displaying about 150 kinds of animals after starting as a zoo specialized in reptiles that were difficult to be found in Korea. Zoo Zoo is now making a new leap forward as a comprehensive family rest facility.

Differentiated from existing displaying methods that visitors watch animals at a distance, Zoo Zoo has suggested experience learning for people to stay close to animals and observe them. In addition, they newly created Talk & Story program in the use of ecological characteristics of animals as of September, 2013, making people share more with animals.

Address : 7-42 458-gil, Wondang-ro, Deokyang-gu
Contact : 031-962-4500
Closed On : Open throughout the year

Aerospace museum


Aerospace museum has been constituted to display items according to scientific understanding and indirect experience beyond old concept of existing museums that mostly exhibited relics. In addition, it was intended to realize a new system in enhancing learning effect by using advanced information technology and multi-media facilities.

Seen in this perspective, our museum is relevant to the scientific museum, and visitors are able to have differentiated experience with other museums. Even though this museum is limited to be in small size, it is certain that visitors are able to see extraordinary works in Korea and abroad in terms of the exhibition and experience.

Address : 647-11 Hwajeon-dong, Deokyang-gu
Contact : 02-300-0467
Closed On : Mondays, Legal holidays, and school holiday (June 6th)

Stock museum


Established by Korea Securities Depository (financial company) on May, 2004, stock museum is the one and only stock-specialized museum in Korea that is secondly opened next to the one in Swiss. In preparation for soon-to-be coming electronic stock era, stock museum is preserving actual image of stock as a cultural relics of mankind and making the best effort to succeed the history of stock issuance.

In this unique place with 400 years of history in stock, stocks in various countries with the value of scarcity and long history are introduced along with securities of global leading companies.

Address : 358-8 Hosu-ro, Ilsandong-gu
Contact : 031-900-7070
Closed On : Sundays, holidays, Labor Day

Yujin Folk Museum


Opened in 2009, this museum has prepared for the exhibition of folk art related to traditional culture and experiencing space. At the commercial exhibition hall, people are able to take a glance at the lifestyle of ancestors through the agriculture, marriage, and living tools. At the experience space, there are courtesy classes to learn greeting courtesy and tea ceremony.

Other than them, there is a space for people to enjoy books and teas as well as sky garden as an outdoor exhibition space and seminar room for various educational programs and seminars.

Address : 78-11 1670-gil, Goyangdae-ro, Deokyang-gu
Contact : 031-966-5262
Closed On : Mondays, Sundays, legal holidays

Baedagol Folk Museum


'Baedagol Theme Park' has been established with the strong belief that our lives shall be based on clean natural environment and also the conviction that our present time shall shine for the future value as the present starts from the history in the past.

Folk Museum located in the Baedagol Theme Park was established to prepare for a space for people to commemorate the wisdom of ancestors and traditional culture in Korea and learn the precious value of the nature.

Address : 131-gil, Baedagol, Deokyang-gu
Contact : 031-970-6330
Closed On : None

The National Women’s History Exhibition Hall


The National Women's History Exhibition Hall was established for diffusing the gender equality and awareness on history culture on December 9, 2002, with fervent support from women. Closing the era led by Seoul Women Plaza at Daebang-dong for the past 12 years, this place has made a new start at Goyang Local Combined Government Office in Goyang-si on September 1, 2014.
The National Women's History Exhibition Hall is composed of plans exhibition hall on the first floor, commercial exhibition hall on the second floor, archives, museum storage, and art and science research room. This place provides visitors an opportunity to appreciate the lives and experiences of women from ancient period to modern era by combining historical facts and imagination in the use of advanced digital media direction.

It is very meaningful to collect all the history and culture of women who lived a life with fetters in difficult situations led by patriarchy and exhibit them. In addition, it will provide a guide for people who live in modern era and also for us to pursue in terms of the history and culture.

Address : 50 104-gil, Hwajung-ro, Deokyang-gu
Contact : 031-819-2288
Closed On : Sundays, legal holidays, New Year, and Korean Thanksgiving

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