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[ Old tale in the past: Gobongsan Mountain and Simhaksan Mountain ]

#STORY 05. Gobongsan Mountain and Simhaksan Mountain
Gobongsan Mountain and Simhaksan Mountain

You all prefer spacious and clean house over small and dirty house, right? Everyone must agree. However, it is not only human who prefers spacious and high quality land. Long ago, there were mountains who fought with each other to take good land. This is the story about Gobongsan Mountain and Simhaksan Mountain.

One day, Gobongsan Mountain decided to settle on spacious and high quality land. It was the land that is currently near Goyang-si.

“There is a really good land. I need to settle down there.”

However, Simhaksan Mountain also wanted the same land. Knowing that Simhaksan Mountain wanted the same land, Gobongsan Mountain shouted,

“Hey, Simhaksan Mountain! That is my land. I picked that land, so you need to back off.”


Simhaksan fought back.

“No way! I’ve been watching over the place for a long time! You give up!”

At last, there was a huge fight between Gobongsan Mountain and Simhaksan Mountain. They ended up fighting several times a day. However, Gobongsan Mountain ended up winning over Simhaksan Mountain since he was bigger and settled on the land he picked. Hearing news that Gobongsan Mountain settled on the good land, Bukhansan Mountain Baekunbong visited. They had been friends for a long time. As it had been a long time since he met his old friend, Gobongsan Mountain drank all night long and had a good time. Then, he was thirsty. He went to Han River drinking water and ended up urinating there.

There was a problem the next day. There was a flood near Simhaksan Mountain that settled near the area.

As Simhaksan Mountain was mad, he shouted to Gobongsan Mountain,

“Hey, Gobongsan Mountain!, We were damaged because of you. You stupid!”

Simhaksan Mountain was still mad and ended up throwing rocks to Gobongsan Mountain. Since Gobongsan Mountain was still drunken and kept being hit by rocks, Gobongsan Mountain became angry. However, he knew he made a mistake, so he could not say anything but kept being hit by rocks.  However, people living near Gobongsan Mountain ended up losing their homes and being damaged because of rocks thrown by Simhaksan Mountain. This was how they drifted away from each other.

At this time, Songaksan Mountain in Gaeseung watching these two mountains fighting with each other ended up thinking of doing something. So, he suggested one solution. Songaksan Mountain had two daughters named Jungbalsan and Odusan. He decided to have Jungbaksan and Odusan married Gobongsan and Simhaksan, respectively.

Gobongsan and Simhaksan were happy to have beautiful wives. Therefore, they did not care anything else. This was how they had no cause to fight with each other and became closer.

As time passed by, Jungbalsan and Odusan ended up having a baby. Then, Gobongsan told Simhaksan,

“Hey, Simhaksan, we should not fight again. Why don’t we have our children live near here?”

It was a good idea to Simhaksan.

“Cool, let’s have our children living near us.”

Therefore, people with last name Go as descendants of Gobongsan and Jungbalsan settled down below Gobongsan Mountain to make village. Below Simhaksan Mountain, people with last name Sim as descendant of Simhaksan Mountain and Odusan Mountain ended up settling down. Gobongsan and Simhaksan are still maintaining a close relationship now after having beautiful wives and giving births to their children.