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[ Old tale in the past : A beauty named Ms. Han at Gobong Mountain ]

#STORY 01. A beautiful woman with last name Han in Gobong Mountain
A beautiful woman with last name Han in Gobong Mountain

Love story touches the hearts of many people in all over the world. Have you all heard of the beautiful love story, [Chunhyang Story]? However, there was a beautiful love story just as much as [Chunhyang Story] in the period of the Three States that was a way before Chunhynag story. In fact, this love story was told to be slightly modified with contents from [Chunhyang Story]. It is the story about ‘a beautiful woman with last name Han in Gobong Mountain in Baekje shared with the King Anjang in Goguryo’ that was contained in the [Chronicles of the Three States]. The story will be shared from now.

The King Anjang was the oldest son of the former 21st King Munjamyeong in Goguryeo, and his real name was Heungan. However, Baekje was in the greatest power among the three states when Heungan was born. At that time, Baekje ruled the area of Goyang-si. The area originally belonged to Goguryeo but was conquered by Baekje. Since this area was militarily very important, Goguryeo wanted to have it back. Therefore, they ambushed the crown prince, Heungan in Baekje. His role was relevant to a ‘spy’ in modern era that collected information without revealing his identity. While identifying the weakness of Baekje as a spy, Heungan met a woman named Hanjoo in Baekje and fell in love with her.

‘Ah, why is the destiny so cruel!’


Since it was a first sight love, he blamed his karma. As the woman he fell in love with at the first sight was from an enemy, Heungan was in pain. Furthermore, there was a social class gap between them as well. However, Heungan could not stop loving her and ended up confessing her with his love without revealing his identity. Hanju also fell in love with Heungan who was manly and physical attractive and accepted his love. It was definitely a happy moment when two people ended up loving with each other in karma. However, Heungan was in a complicated mood. It was because of why he came in Baekje without revealing his identity. He promised himself multiple times a day by saying to him,

‘I came to the enemy for the welfare of my own country. I could not be influenced by personal emotion.’

However, since he deeply fell in love with Hanju, he could not resist himself. Joyous and happy moment tends to go faster. It was the same for Heungan and Hanjoo. It was about time when Heunan needed to go back to Goguryeo. He wanted to take Hanjoo to Goguryeo, but it was impossible for them to escape together as it was difficulty for Heungan to go away. It was too much of a risk for Hanjoo. On the day when Heunan went back to Goguryeo, he had his mind made up to confess her the truth. He told her,

“I am so sorry to have deceived you so far. I am actually the crown prince Heungan from Goguryeo. I came here to find weakness of Baekje and find our lost land back.”

Hanjoo was so perplexed by a sudden confession and could not say anything.

Heungan said,“I do not want to imagine anything about staying away from you, but I need to go back to Goguryeo. I will promise to you. As soon as I go back to Goguryeo, I will take out troops and take this area back and have you as my wife. It will be difficult, but please wait for me until then.”

Hanjoo was crying as it was a sincere confession from Heungan underneath the eaves full of beautiful moon light.

She said,“You are the one and only husband of mine. I will only love you even if I die. Please take care and stay healthy when you go back to Goguryeo and do not forget about me. I will wait for us to meet again.”

This was how they ended up staying apart. Not too long after coming back to Goguryeo, Heungan became the 22nd King Anjang in Goguryeo. In addition, he attacked Baekje with troops to keep his words with Hanjoo. However, Baekje was too strong and Goguryeo ended up losing all the battles. Hanjoo was so sad watching him losing the battle. It was same for Heungan. However, they believed they would be able to meet each other soon. However, there was a problem. The governor-general who ruled that area heard how beautiful Hanjoo was. It was like how the district magistrate Byun in [Chunhyang Story] requested Chunhyang to serve him in bed. The governor-general sent his people and asked Hanjoo to marry him. However, she turned down him telling that she already had someone to marry. The governor-general was mad forcefully taking her and asking her who he was. Hanjoo could not say that the man she wanted to marry was the king in Goguryeo. The governor-general thought that she was in league with a spry and sent her to the prison and tortured her much. King Anjang heard of Hanjoo’s news and was shocked so much. So, he called out all the vassals telling them whoever could rescue Hanjoo would be rewarded with great prizes. Then, the brave and wise commander Eulmil came out. In fact, as Eulmil was in love with King Anjang’s younger sister, princess Anhak, he wanted to marry her as a prize if he could save Hanjoo.

King Anjang said,“I already knew how brave and wise you are. If you successfully rescue Hanjoo that everyone failed so far, it will prove you are the best commander in Goguryeo. So, you will be the only one to marry my younger sister. If you rescue Hanjoo, I will promise you will marry her.You have my words. ”

Eulmil asked King Anjang twenty soldiers and went to Baekje. It was when the governor-general in Baekje had his birthday preparing for a huge party. Knowing about this, Eulmil decided to disguise as a performer with troops and participate in the birthday party as a plan. On the other hand, the governor-general did not give up but kept on asking Hanjoo to marry him. However, Hanjoo did not change her mind.

“I have a person whom I have promised to be together in the future. He is the only one I can marry with.”

It was the day. The governor-general had a huge birthday party. On the peak time of the party, the governor-general took Hanjoo out of the prison to the party. Then, he asked her again.

“It is my birthday today and I will give you the last opportunity. Would you be my wife?”

Hanjoo was still pretty after she spent much time in the prison with severe torture but did not change her mind. She said no. She shouted to the governor-general saying,

“I have someone to be with in the future. I only love him.”

As he was turned down in the open party, the governor-general was so mad. He ordered his subordinates to kill her. At that time, Eulmil and his subordinates who disguised as a performer took out weapons and conquered the place.

“Everyone surrender! Troops from Goguryeo are already here. If you want to survive, surrender.”

There were soldiers from Baekje at the party, but it was so sudden that they all abandoned weapons and were confused moving around. Eulmil rescued Hanjoo out of confusion.

“Hey, I am Eulmil, the commander from Goguryeo. If you go up the mountain and raise the beacon fire, King Anjang will take troops here and conquer the place. Go ahead and raise the beacon fire. We will take care of them here.”

Hanjoo went up to Gobong Mountain and raised the beacon fire to let King Anjang know that she was rescued.  Waiting for the news of Hanjoo so desperately, King Anjang was so happy to see the beacon fire. This was how King Anjang and Hanjoo met with each other again. King Anjang took Hanjoo to Goguryeo and kept his promise. Of course, King Anjang kept his promise to Eulmil. Furthermore, King Anjang won the battle with Baekje and ended up taking the Han River area back. This story was based on the actual story in [Geography] in [The Chronicles of the Three States] that recorded the history of the period of Three States. This love story beyond the social class and nationality such a long time ago influenced on many of the stories such as [Chunhyang Story].