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[ The landmark of Goyang ]

We have seen the city where farming culture started in Korean Peninsula, the city where possesses many of the relics and remaining, and also the city that anyone visiting Goyang needs to come.

We will now talk about where the representative landmark of Goyang-si is along with famous mountains including Bukhansan Mountain and also broadcasting network with recent Korean wave

Famous mountains in Goyang that people from all over the world visit the most frequently

Bukhansan Mountain

Bukhansan Mountain – One of the五嶽 as five famous mountains in Korea where Bukhansan Fortress is located at. Among more than 30 peaks of the mountain, Baekundae, Insu-bong, Nojeok-bong, Bibong, and Bohyun-bong are famous. All these are attractive, but it is recommended to go to Baekundae if you do not have time to climb them all. Landscape of Bunhansan Mountain and Goyang-si seen from the peak of Baekundae where more than a hundred people can sit and take a rest are top notch. It is also recommended to go to Insubong as a rock face course that started recently receiving attention from people if you are interested in rock climbing. In addition, it is also recommended for those who like to take a walk to visit Nojeoksa along the stone road in fall where foliage is in full blossom and feel the beauty of fall.

Bukhansan National Park (bukhan.knps.or.kr)

Transportation and lodging information including introduction of park, visiting course, Dulegil overview, Taegosa, Samcheonsa, Seunggasa, and Bukhansan Fortress

The largest exhibition hall in Korea, KINTEX


In order to solve an issue of insufficient exhibition convention centers in Korea, KINTEX was built in 2002 and is the fourth largest sized exhibition hall in Asia as well as the largest sized hall in Korea. Many of the exhibitions, conventions, and global displays are held in KINTEX where is frequently used for international meeting facilities. Performance or exhibition is frequently held for the public. Among them, there are many programs that kids are welcome to watch that family visitors are always more than welcome to visit. In addition, there are many of the famous restaurants or cafes that there has been an increasing number of people who enjoy a cup of coffee after watching the exhibition and having a meal.

KINTEX (www.kintex.com)

Located at Daehwa-dong in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, exhibition schedule, trade exhibition, display, and overview of international meeting facilities

Healing time International Horticulture Goyang Korea for kids

International Horticulture Goyang Korea

visitors has reached to 6 million for total 10 times of exhibition as of 2016 that it has become the international flower exhibition. Hundreds of companies in Korea and abroad participate in the exhibition that makes the place full of beautiful flowers. This exhibition is well-known for how it stimulates five senses with various experience and performance programs . Lovers, couples, or family groups are all more than welcome to visit.
International Horticulture Goyang Korea

International Horticulture Goyang Korea (http://www.flower.or.kr)

Provide International Horticulture Goyang Korea, Goyang-si in Gyeonggi-do as a host, Goyang flower exhibition, event schedule, tour information, and flower information

Power from the flower. Overview of flower exhibition Shortcut >

harmonized with various cultural arts

Ulim Nuri and Aram Nuri as a place

Goyang Oulim Nuri that pursues ‘omprehensive cultural art space’ in the fields including performance, cultural art, education, and physical education and Aram Nuri as the specialized performance art center that has the top reputation in all over the world. Especially, Aram Nuri has been evaluated by the former CEO of [News Weel], Richard Smith, as it was as good as ‘Carnegie Hall’ or ‘Lincoln Center’ that were the best performance hall at that time when he visited the place in 2007. This shows how this place is equipped with beautiful design and facility. Various performances and programs from classic music to pop music, musical, and acting are being operated. Art museum and library are also in operation, and famous restaurants are running their businesses. Therefore, you are very much welcome to visit anytime and enjoy your time. Goyang
Oulim Nuri and Aram Nuri

Goyang Oulim Nuri (www.artgy.or.kr/oulim)

Goyang Facilities Management Corporation, Facilities including sports center, swimming center, and ice link, Information, event information

Goyang Aram Nuri (http://www.artgy.or.kr/aram/introduction.aspx)

Located at Madu-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, in Gyeonggi-do. Provide overview and information about comprehensive cultural art center, performance center, and museum

full of food and spectacles

Lafesta and Western Dom

Lafesta and Western Dom are well-known as ‘smart theme shopping mall.’ Lafesta pursuing the new concept landmark for creating trendy lifestyle as humans, cities, and the nature meet with each other represents beautiful exterior and interior as if it is an art work. These two places are closely located with each other that supplement one another. For those who visit these places for the first time, it is recommended to enjoy shopping and spectacles at Lafesta and eat nice meals at completely different style, Western Dom.
Lafesta and Western Dom

Lafesta (www.lafesta-ilsan.com)

Fashion, movie theater, beauty, theme café, game center, and street of culture

Western Dom (contact : 031-931-5114)

1 Western Dom, 24 Jungbalsan-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

rest area for a million people

Lake park

As the largest lake park in Asia with the area of a million m2. Most of the people will remind of ‘Ilsan Lake Park’ with the word, ‘lake park’ without additional description. Therefore, it is the most symbolic park among all the lake parks in Korea. As the natural ecosystem is completely realized in the middle of the city, it has become a famous place in Korea. It is recommended for people to take a bicycle ride  on the well-paved road and feel the breeze or walk on the trail in the length of 8 kilometer to see the complete harmonization of the nature and urban landscape. You will not regret in either way for enjoying the place.
Lake park

Ilsan Lake Park (www.lake-park.com)

Ilsan Lake Park, singing fountain, KINTEX, Lafesta, Western Dom

The hub of Korean wave


In Ilsan, there are two of the ground broadcasting networks (MBC and SBS) and EBS. Furthermore, ‘Bitmaru broadcasting supporting center’ is manufacturing, editing, distributing, and transmitting such broadcasting contents. Seen in this perspective, Goyang is the city that is leading broadcasting video contents in the 21st century in Korea. CJ E&M as the leader in cable TV possesses the studio Ilsan. It is recommended for those who are interested in broadcasting to have field trip to such broadcasting networks.
CJ E&M Ilsan Studio

CJ E&M Ilsan Studio

369 Daehwa-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (Telephone number: 031-927-2525)