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“The firstly cultivated rice seedin Korean Peninsula

Why is Gawaji Rice Seed Important?
Why is Gawaji Rice Seed Important?

동영상 플레이어
'A grain of rice seed and its lesson on precious 5020-year history'
At school, we learned that the agrarian society began sice the Bronze Age. However, from the discovery of Gawaji seed, we now know that the agrarian society began in the Neolithic Age before Bronze Age. Gawaji seed also shows that the rice farming wasn't spread from China or Japan. Instead, the agrarian society began in the Korean Penisula and it was spread to the neiboring nations. Especially, Gawaji seed was discovered in Goyang-si. Goyang-si has a flat land and it is located on downstream of Hangang River which is great for rice farming. Such historical example shows that Goyang=si is loacted in the starting point of the agrarian society.

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