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[ Old tale in the past : One of the most powerful baby of all in Wondang ]

#STORY 03. One of the most powerful baby of all in Wondang
Wondang baby power man

Long ago, there was a village near Guksabong at Goyang-si. Residents in village were all powerless and poor. One day, one child was born in the village, and parents were shocked after seeing how their baby was. There was a huge wing on the armpit of the baby. Baby expanded wings and flew the sky. Furthermore, he was so strong that he was able to lift the rock that three male adults could not even move. Baby expanded the wings and liked to play around the village. He visited Guksabong much. One day, he urinated on the rock that made marks on it. He was so strong just like powerful men in the legend. Then, there were five horses wherever the baby visited. People called him as “baby power man” as he was so strong.

He became stronger as time passed by. He grew as a person who could protect people in the village. Residents in the village were safe because of him. Residents in the village did not know, but Japanese armies tried to conquer the village if opportunity allowed. Japanese armies heard the rumor that there was a strong baby power man and five horses in this village.

“If he was that strong, he might be an obstacle for us.”


Japanese armies worried about the baby power man to be a burden on their invasion on the village. Therefore, Japanese soldiers came up with a plan to remove baby power man. Therefore, Japanese soldiers spread a false rumor about the baby power man.

“When he grew up as an adult, he would be willing to control all the residents in the village.” “If the king hears about the baby power man, he will burn the whole village down.”

Of course, baby power man was a normal baby without being specially strong and wings.However, powerless and poor residents in the village were scared of the rumor spread by Japanese soldiers. Therefore, people whispered around when they saw baby power man.

“If the baby power man grows up, he might hurt us.” “He needs to die for our village to survive.” “If the king hears the rumor about baby power man, we might as well be rebels.” “We need to kill the baby power man soon.”

As there was such a bad rumor about the baby power man, people decided to kill him. Therefore, they covered rocks on the chest of the baby power man so that he could not run away. He was so strong that people needed to lift up several rocks preventing the baby power man from running away. Baby power man moved around as he was under rocks that were heavier than him. However, residents in the village brutally burnt the wing of the baby power man. Then, the baby power man ended up dying. Five horses who mourned the death of baby power man and ended up dying by hitting the heads against the floor.

“Hahaha, stupid people. This village is ours.”

In front of Sungla Park in Haengju Nuri-gil

In front of Sungla Park in Haengju Nuri-gil

As the baby power man died, Japanese armies invaded. By that time, they realized how foolish they were. However, it was too late for them. The baby power man who could only protect them was died because of them. At last, residents in the village ended up dying by Japanese soldiers.

he baby power man in the story was sacrificed by the selfishness and fear of resident in the village. However, it was told that there was a trace of him on the peak of Guksabong where the baby power man frequently visited. Wouldn’t the baby power man be happier in the heaven if we visit Guksabong and praise for his regard?

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