passport information

Passport picture size

Picture should be taken within 6 months, size should be width 3.5cm, length 4.5cm, must face front, bust shot, no hat, natural color and your size of face in the picture should be 2.5~3.5cm.
Background must be white.
standard picture
[standard picture, eye level(highest 3.2cm, lowest 2.2cm), centered, head level(highest, lowest), jaw level]
  • Picture Quality
    • Copied or edited by Photoshop pictures are not acceptable.
    • Pictures should not be folded nor damaged. The surface must be smooth and cannot use low quality photographic paper.
    • Instant photos or digital photos taken by individuals are not acceptable.
      [black and white pictures, damaged pictures, portraits, Photoshop]
    Picture Quality
  • Facial Ratio
    • Picture size : 3.5cm(width) x 4.5cm(length)
    • Length of face (from top of head to chin) : 2.5~3.5cm(length)
      [enlarge proportion, reduce proportion, cutting top, cutting bottom]
    Facial Ratio
  • Face Direction
    • Must face front.
    • Face should not lean to one side.
      [lean to the left, lean to the right, head up, head down]
    Face Direction
  • Shoulder Line

    Upper body should show only to the shoulder line and shoulders must be even.
    [no shoulder line, cutting shoulder line, turn to one side, lean to one side]

    Shoulder Line
  • Pupils
    • You cannot submit red-eyed picture due to the flashlight and must not wear color lenses while taking pictures.
    • Eyes must look front.
      [closed eyes, stare other ways, red-eye effect, color lenses]
  • Look
    • Try to look as natural as possible.
    • Mouth must be closed.
      [opened mouth, smile, wink, frown]
  • Glasses
    • Glasses are acceptable only for those who wear daily.
    • No colored glasses.
    • You should put on thin framed glasses to show clear eye pupils.
    • The flashlight should not reflected to the lenses and the frames should not block your eyes.
      [sunglasses, horn-rimmed glasses, reflection to the lenses, blocked eyes]
  • Hair style and accessories
    • Your ears and the shape of your face must be shown clearly.
    • Wigs are acceptable only for those who wear daily.
    • Must not wear hats, mufflers.
    • Accessories should not reflect the light.
      [mufflers, hats, covered ears, accessories reflection]
    Hair style and accessories
  • Light
    • Light must be in focus and not too bright nor not too dim.
    • Should not have any shadows on the face.
      [not in focus, too bright, too dim, shadows on the face]
  • Background
    • Background must be even white, no background and no borders.
    • No shadows.
      [colored background, shadows, bordered pictures, outdoor background]
  • Costumes
    • No uniforms, no military uniform, no white clothes.
    • Soldiers are permitted to wear uniforms only for government affairs. (diplomat or official use)
    • Religious costumes are permitted for only those who wear daily. (priests, nuns, monks)
    • School uniforms are acceptable for students.
      [white suits, military uniforms (when apply for regular passport), uniforms (pilots), uniforms (mate)]
  • Toddlers (under 7 years old)
    • The size of pictures must be same as the adults.
    • Face length (top of head to chin) : 2.0~3.5cm
    • Toddler pictures only show him/her and chair, toys, guardian and etc. should not be in the picture.
    • Toddlers must open their eyes and face front.
      [hats, toys exposure, guardian exposure, guardian's hand exposure]
    Toddlers (under 7 years old)

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