Historic Remains

Bukhansanseong Fortress

Bukhansanseong Fortress

In the 5th year of King Gaeru (AD. 132), it was initially built as a northern region fortress when Baekje set up the captital at Hanam Wiryeseong Fortress and now there is only 10km of the fortress remains from the period of Joseon King Sukjong. The Budo pagoda and its tombstone of Wonjeungguksa (Monk) in Taegosa Temple of Bukhansan Mountain have been designated as national treasures and Bukhansanseong Fortress is protected as a historical site.


375, Daeseomun-gil, Deogyang-gu (Bukhan-dong san1-1)

Public transport
  • Subway
    • Samsong Station(Line 3) → 077 Bus
    • Gupabal Station(Line 3), exit 1 → 704 Bus → Entrance of Bukhansanseong Fortress

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