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  • A people's city that is more beautiful than flower, we proudly introduce a promotive video of Goyang~ You can check the various images and visions of harmonious Goyang such as people, nature, history and future.
  • The best man-made lake, beautiful Lake Park consists with flowers, trees and relaxation, and people enjoy exciting festivals in large open field. Dramas with Korean famous TV stars are produced in various areas of the city and buyers take a walk around after they complete negotiations of businesses in KINTEX. It is the international city that is people-centered and pleasure of living. We introduce you the newly developing people's city, Goyang, which is "more beautiful than flowers."
TV drama, ‘Dream high’ talking about dream and hope of youth ‘Dream Goyang,’ city where more beautiful people than flowers live for their dream and hope. The Republic of Korea, a leader of the Asia with 3.7 billion populations! Goyang located in the hub of the country is the core city of transportation and logistics in the Northeast Asia, which is connected conveniently to anywhere of the world. Gyeongi railroad and high-speed KTX which pass through Goyang show that the advance base of the coming unification era is Goyang. Mt. Bukhan, the most famous mountain northeast of Goyang! Han River, the longest river in Korea, east west of Goyang! Environmental-friendly city that you dream of! Goyang is the happiest city in Korea because it is installed with green environment to provide nature at all times. Goyang, located in the hub of the long history, takes pride in its world famous cultural heritage such as Hangjusansung, a symbol of the national spirit, and Seosamreung and Seohreung, UNESCO world heritages. Moreover, Hangju cultural festival that has succeeded and developed the tradition of the ancestors, and Goyang lake art festival where you and foreigners can join together are held all through the year. Goyang is a city of culture and art, with high-end infrastructures from Aramnuri theater where the world famous performances and exhibitions are held, Oulimnuri stadium where sports and performances are held, to museums where you can visit with your family. On the other hand, Goyang is a Mecca of sports, that has the world strongest 9 teams of weightlifting, Taekwondo, ice sports, etc, and will be the host of the 92nd National Sports Festival held from October 6th to 12th, 2011 to show off its potential in sports to the world as well as to the nation. Floricultural industry symbolizing Goyang, which is often called a city of flower, leads to exports via Goyang International Flower Fair, etc, and Goyang Flower Exhibition, a festival of Eastern and Western flowers, has been leading in the national floricultural industry. In the center of Goyang, there are always more beautiful citizens than flowers. The administrative policy of the 5th local government elected by popular vote underlines, most, the philosophy and the principle of citizen first policy, which means that it regards citizens the top priority. Goyang is the very city of citizens-oriented governance that guarantees various participations of residents from civil complains of each individual to important decision-making of problems and mistakes. From the aspect of pedagogy, Goyang is prestigious educational city, which has been equipped with excellent educational environment through the implementation of free school meals at all the elementary schools which lead students to growing up as a global talents and teach them the world without discrimination. When it comes to women, the elderly, the disabled, the multicultural family, etc, Goyang is proud of its welfare infrastructures to protect them. Meanwhile, Goyang make efforts to find job seekers workplaces and provide companies with employment support system. Department stores, huge supermarkets, etc, are employing 50% of Goyang citizens in accordance with employment quota system. Besides, it has promoted advanced knowledge industries such as exhibition, convention, broadcasting and communications, and medical industry to make the city full of better jobs, driving toward ‘Self-sufficient City, Goyang.’ Goyang, which has been appointed as one of ‘The World Most Dynamic Developed 10 Cities,’ will be the best city of the Asia if the convention town is erected, which will be linked with exhibition, tourism and culture such as Korean Wave (Hallyu in Korean) World, China town, hotels, aquarium, shopping malls, etc, including the completion of 108,000 square meter-scale 2nd KINTEX market in 2011. In Goyang, the national representative broadcasting companies are located, such as MBC, SBS, etc, including filmmakers and drama production companies; it attracts advanced broadcasting production centers using the said infrastructures and creates tourist attractions by supporting production of the soap opera ‘Dream High’ where the representative Hallyu stars such as Yong-jun Bae and Jin-young Park and new generation stars appear. Goyang will provide opportunities to be re-born as the hub of the international Hallyu culture and the representative city of Korea. Thanks to the establishment of general hospitals, Goyang has created the best advanced medical environment such as smart health care business, etc, to be re-born as the medical tourist city where anybody, no matter where comes from, can have the best medical service. Now, Goyang is making a great stride as an international city in the world. It is applying the spur to collaboration with heads of the local companies in the USA such as MOU agreement with New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote Goyang to the world. It also provides the foundation of the internationally happy city through dynamic exchanges such as meetings for Goyang PR and investment attraction in China, Japan, etc self-government city where citizens is in the top priority, educational city with warm-hearted welfare, city of creative culture and art, environmental-friendly and green peaceful city, and self-contained city full of jobs Goyang will make continuous efforts to become advanced city of the future. which can communicate with the world while striving for

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