Historic Remains

Heungguksa Temple

Heungguksa Temple

Heungguksa is the oldest temple in Goyang region and it was built 1,300 years ago. Yaksajeon is the main Buddihist temple in Heungguksa and its hanging board was written by the great king, Yeongjo of Joseon dynasty. At the end of Joseon dynasty, in the 4th year of King Gojong (year 1867), a monk, Noe Ung maintained and repaired Yaksajeon several times.


82, Heungguksa-gil, Deogyang-gu (Jichuk-dong san40-11)

Public transport
  • Subway

    Gupabal Station(Line 3) → 704 Bus → Heungguksa Temple

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