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UNESCO World Heritage Seosamneung / Seooreung royal tombs

Tombs for Kings of Joseon including Seooreung and Seosamneung are recognized their value as the world's cultural heritage base on their Confucian and geomantic tradition of unique structure and landscape architect style. They are registered as UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage on June 26, 2009.

Seosamneung Royal Tombs

Seosamneung Royal Tombs

Seosamneung is a name of Hyoreung, Huireung and Yereung which are located at Wondang-dong in Goyang city. Total area is about 224,254㎡ and it was firstly used as the tomb site when it was selected as Yoon's Huireung of Janggyeong Wanghu (queen) who was second wife of King Jungjong. Originally, it took 4,240,000㎡ of area but now it is divided into several section and left with only 224,254㎡ of area. The half of it is not open to the public. Besides the three tombs, there are Taesil (stone room that prince's placenta is buried), tombs of princess and princess by a concubine, Sogyeongwon and Hyochangwon.


233-126, Seosamneung-gil, Deogyang-gu (Wondang-dong 37-1)

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