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Cultural heritage encountered on the street | Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, World Heritage

There are many of the cultural assets including Goyang Kawaji rice seed with 5020 years of history, Bukhansan Mountain with global reputation, and Seoreung and Seosamreung as global cultural heritrages. Here is an opportunity to see precious cultural assets that you have missed in the beautiful natural environment in Goyang.
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Meet the cultural heritage of Goyang


Ikreung, the tomb of the first wife of Sukjong, Queen, Inkyung




As a tomb for the first wife of the 19th king, Sukjong, the queen, Inkhyung (1661-1680), it is located on a relatively higher area in the stair structure with Chamdo starting from Hongsalmun. She died at her age of 20 wihtin 8 days after she had chicken pox. Hwoever, she was a mother of three children, and two of her daughters died before her, and the last daughter ended up passing away at an erly age.

Characteristics of Ikreung were that it was a tomb before the tomb simplification policy (policy for simplifying the tomb when constructing) by the king, Sukjong, and the huge stonework and Palgaljangmyung were in a modified form after Japanese invasion (1592-1598). Jungjagak in Ikreung was a rare place with Iksil in royal tombs in Joseon Dynasty. Iksil indicates an architectural mode with one more room next to each pillar of Jungja.