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Cultural heritage encountered on the street | Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, World Heritage

There are many of the cultural assets including Goyang Kawaji rice seed with 5020 years of history, Bukhansan Mountain with global reputation, and Seoreung and Seosamreung as global cultural heritrages. Here is an opportunity to see precious cultural assets that you have missed in the beautiful natural environment in Goyang.
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Meet the cultural heritage of Goyang


Tomb of Hui Bin Chang as a queen from royal court lady, Daemin tomb


It was originally located at Munhyung-ri, Opo-myeon, Gwangju-gun, Gyeonggi-do, but was relocated to the current area in 1970. 

Hui Bin Chang (?-1701) was the only figure that was promoted to the queen from court lady in the history of Joseon Dynasty.

 Daebin tomb is located at the corner of Seoreung when coming around from Gyungreung towards Changreung in the small size. 

This tomb is in poor conditions than the tombs of noblemen in terms of the location, entire structure of the tomb, and stoneworks.

This shows how Hui Bin Chang is evaluated by historians in the next generations. However, when relocating the tomb, her tomb ended up being located in the current position next to Myungreung. 

She is the character that is well-known as Hui Bin Chang, and there are many of the stories handed down to the next generations such as the ones of rocks and pine trees behind the tomb.