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Cultural heritage encountered on the street | Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, World Heritage

There are many of the cultural assets including Goyang Kawaji rice seed with 5020 years of history, Bukhansan Mountain with global reputation, and Seoreung and Seosamreung as global cultural heritrages. Here is an opportunity to see precious cultural assets that you have missed in the beautiful natural environment in Goyang.
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Meet the cultural heritage of Goyang


Single tomb of the queen, Jangghyung, with the last name Yoon, Heereung

This is the single tomb of the queen, Janggyung, with the last name Yoon (1491-1515), as the 11th king, Jungjong.

As a daughter of Yupil Yun as a Youngdonbusa, her mother died when she was eight years old, and she was raised by the wife of Wolsandaegun with the last name Park. Afterwards, as the queen Jangsoon with the lat name Han was dethroned due to restoration with the death of Jungjong, she became the queen. Afterwards she gave a birth to Injong in 1515, but she ended up passing away within 7 days due to postnatal illness.

Tomb was originally located at Hunreung (currently Seocho-dong) but relocated to the current area due to the trick of Anro Kim 22 years later (Gwangpil Chung and Gon Nam made a rumor that it was not good for her as there were huge rocks underneath the tomb).

Heereung was the one and only single tomb in Seosamreung. This is also the royal tomb that represents Seosamreung with Yereung. Another characteristic is that the size of stonework is huge as a royal tomb in Joseon Dynasty.