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Cultural heritage encountered on the street | Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, World Heritage

There are many of the cultural assets including Goyang Kawaji rice seed with 5020 years of history, Bukhansan Mountain with global reputation, and Seoreung and Seosamreung as global cultural heritrages. Here is an opportunity to see precious cultural assets that you have missed in the beautiful natural environment in Goyang.
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Meet the cultural heritage of Goyang


Tomb of the eighth king, Yejong, and the wife of him, Queen, Ansun with last name Han, Changreung

Location of the stonework was structured according to [Jukjooreui] like any other tombs.

However, there was a ring shape underneath of Honryuseok along with lotus leaves on the top of stone roofs such as Palgakjangmyeong. Yejong (1450-1469) was the brother of Dukjong who was served in Gyungreung. His last name was Hwang (晄), and his first name was Myungjo (明照). After he became a crown prince after his brother died, and succeeded as a king in September, 1468. However, he ended up passing away 14 months after he became a king. Queen Ansun (>-1498) became crown princess in 1460 as a daughter of Chungwonbuwongun and promoted with the position 2 years after the queen Jangsoon with last name Han (daughter of Myunghoi Han) died due to illness. It is interesting to see her tomb that was located behind and also relatively higher area of the tomb of queen on the right side compared to other tombs.