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Story of Goyang history


Enjoy Guksabong Dolmen with Goyang’s nurigil

Enjoy Guksabong Dolmen with Goyang’s nurigil


Haengjunuri-gil is the road that begins at Wondang train station of Goyang and continues to Haengjus Mountain Fortress.

The highest mountaintop during this nuri-gil is Seongra Mountain’s Guksabong.

At the foot of Guksabong, 200m to the west of the Seongra Mountain mineral spring, remains dolmen.

Stone blades were found near this dolmen, which is now stored at the Seoul University’s museum.

The cover stone of this dolmen was placed on land and the footstone was underground, which made is difficult to see with bear eyes.

Guksabong’s Dolmen have significant cultural and historical value in that it shows of Goyang’s cultural heritage of the Bronze Age.

There is also Jireong Mountain Dolmen within Haengjunuri-gil, which has been designated and protected as a Goyang Regional Cultural Asset for its beautiful shape, old age, and unique features.