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Story of Goyang history


March 23rd is the birthday of Goyang City

March 23rd is the birthday of Goyang City


The birthday of Goyang city, where a population of 1.04 million people live, is March 23rd. The name Goyang was first termed 604 years ago, in the 13th year of Taejong's Joseon (1413) after “Go” of Gobonghyun and “Yang” of Deogyanghyun. The pure Korean version of Goyang is nopbiti. Goyang City is a historic name that has not changed its name since the creation of the name Goyang, which continues to be used today.


Goyang-dong, Goyang Bridge, Goyang Elementary School, etc. are all names that have been used for over 100 years.

On March 23, 2013, Goyang City restored Sanyoungru, Yeongsajeong, and other cultural assets in the broadscale "Goyang 600 Years Project" to celebrate the 600th birthday of Goyang City.

Let's celebrate Goyang City's birthday on March 23rd.