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Goyang found with the first rice seed named Kiwaji rice seed in Korean Peninsula 5000 years ago

Goyang found with the first rice seed named Kiwaji rice seed in Korean Peninsula 5000 years ago In 1413 when it marked the 13th year of Taejong in Joseon Dynasty,

the city was named as ‘Goyang’ in combination of Gobong and Deokyang. You can see the history of more than 5000 years on the path where Goyang has followed at Goyang 600 year’s anniversary museum.

From the hub of farming civilization in Korean Peninsula 5000 years ago to Peace unified city in 2020! Vivid story in the history of 600 years that connect the history and the future is now developed in Goyang 600 year’s anniversary museum.

Inside of the museum introduces the past and the present in Goyang including ‘Kawaji rice seed,’ as the first rice seed in Korea 5020 years ago, ‘Byukjegwanji,’ ‘major designated cultural properties,’ ‘’Ilsan new city construction,’ and ‘Goyang as a city with a million years’ through panel battery or miniature models in video images.

Based on Ilsan Station, themes such as ‘Goyang with sorrow and hope’ are exhibited to describe the story of Comfort Women.

In addition, museum will provide a precious opportunity for people to take one step closer to the history from the 731 troop story in Harbin as one of the brutality from Japan and related books with the title ‘731, one other brutality.’

Tour infomation

Tour information

Tour time: 09:00 ~ 18:00

Closed days: Every Monday

Tour fees: Free (reservation is required on group tour)

Regular guide service : 10am, 11am/ 2pm, 4pm

Inquiries: Culture and tourism guide service 031-905-2526

Exhibition hall information

- Story tunnel: Full of people’s faces that are more beautiful than flower on the nature and cultural events at Goyang as if people go into the history of Goyang

- Story cube: There are introductory videos of the first rice seed, ‘Kawaji rice seed,’ in Korean Peninsula 500 years ago and actual image of the development of Ilsan new city

- Goyang in the history: Visitors can take a glance at the introduction of changes in Goyang areas and origin of name of Goyang, cultural assets in Goyang to focus on, international reputation in Goyang told by Byukjegwan installed based on Gyeonguidae-ro, image of Joseon tombs as UNESCO global heritages, section for experiencing the digital siege of Hangju for conquering 30 thousand Japanese troops, and the model of Bukhansan Fortress with beauty and history.

- Goyang in adversity: Containing the information about Comfort Women as a sacrifice by Japanese soldiers and Ilsan Station that was used as a road for delivering supplies to Japanese troops during Japanese colonial period, people are able to see the traces of 74 independence fighters and independence movement in Goyang during Japanese colonial period. In addition, this place introduces an effort to protect beautiful land of Korea, Dokdo.

- Changing Goyang: Dynamically introduce the image of Goyang in the past and the present

- Evolving Goyang:Show the image of Goyang-si making its way to the future through the history of Goyang in 600 years, intangible cultural assets in Goyang, and historical restoration.

- Infinity cube: : Introduce the vision of fugure in unified special city through the image of ‘2020 Gyeongui Line’ that advances to Gaesung – China – Moscow – Paris

- Historical data room (2nd floor): As a place that organizes records of Goyang in the history of 600 years, people are able to read resources by watching beautiful scenes of Lake Park.

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