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Inside of Goyang-si 600-year Exhibition

In 2013, Goyang-si had a special anniversary. Surviving from many of the risks and invasions for over six centuries, Goyang-si still stays here. In order to commemorate 600th year of anniversary of Goyang-si, was established. This place was specifically decorated so that people are able to take a glance at the present and the future of Goyang in an easy and interesting manner. Since there is a saying that “learning about the future from the history,” Goyang is also delineating the future by reviewing the present through the past 600 years. After passing through the ‘story tunnel&gsquo; connected from the entrance of , people are able to see the present and the future of Goyang. Starting from the oldest rice seed, Kawaji rice seed, the place shows the splendid 600 years of the history along with the story of birth of Goyang in 1413 (13th year in Taejong reign). Precious relics found in Goyang are adding fun. However, is not a simple place only for sharing the history of Goyang. Models in a reduced size of Dokdo are welcoming visitors from the entrance as it is Goyang taking a leading role to protect Dokdo, and there is a special exhibition section in the exhibition hall. It would be a very meaningful day if we spend a time in learning about how Goyang survived from all the adversities along with the history of 600 years and reflecting how precious our land, Dokdo, is.