Nice to meet you, I am Lee Jae-joon,

Goyang city’s 7th mayor elected by popular vote.

Thank you for visiting the website of Goyang city.

Harboring a rich history and culture, Goyang became Korea’s 10th city of population of one million and has seen growth no less dynamic than any other city in the world.

In addition, the city is writing a new history in various fields on the strength of citizens passion for the best autonomous capability.

With an era of peace approaching the Korean peninsula, Goyang is preparing to take a bigger leap.

Goyang City’s vigorous leap into becoming the hub of the Korean peninsula’s peace economy, will be a message of peace echoing around the globe.

I wish for your happiness and hope this website can provide you with plentiful information about Goyang, a land of peace and opportunity.

Mayor of Goyang City, Lee Jae Joon

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