Tourist Information

General Hospital
Total medical service provided by expert medical teams of highest level with equipment of cutting-edge technologies
Customized Medical Examination
Consultation and treatment customized to bodily constitution of patients
Specialized Cancer Center (Proton Therapy)
Early diagnosis of cancer and treatment
Dental clinics
Nice straight teeth make a most beautiful and healthy smile
Spine, Joint and Disk
Specialized treatment for spine which keeps up body structure and frame like a pillar, bone joint and disk
Oriental medicine + Western medicine
Not only treat your disease without pain or operation but also change your bodily constitution
Skin care and plastic surgery
Searching for your beauty which you thought you lost it
Women’s Hospital
At Korea’s best women’s hospital, superior medical teams provide specialized treatment for pregnancy, delivery, postnatal care, sterility and other women’s diseases using up-to-date equipment in a comfortable atmosphere
Autoimmune disease
Provides treatment for the disease arising from an anomaly in the body immune system that makes antibody or substances which attack the body
Agency Vitacampus Tel : 82-31-810-9394
Incom Tel : 070-8610-3466
Bensiseu Tel : 82-31-965-7022
General Hospital
(customized medical exam)
Ilsan Hospital
(National Health Insurance Corporation)
Tel : 82-31-900-0114
Myeongji Hospital Tel : 82-31-810-5029
Inje University Paik Hospital Tel : 82-31-910-7112
Dongguk University, Ilsan Hospital Tel : 82-31-961-7027
Cancer treatment National Cancer Center
(National Medical Institution)
Tel : 82-31-920-0364
Skin care & plastic surgery Lotte Oh & Kim’s Dermatology clinic Tel : 82-31-902-9333
CU Cleanup Dermatology clinic Tel : 82-31-921-1877
Na & Me Clinic Tel : 82-31-915-0355
Oh & Kim’s Plastic Surgery Tel : 82-31-906-8222(Madu)
Dental Clinics Apple Tree Dental Clinic Tel : 82-31-919-2240
True den Dental Clinic Tel : 82-31-906-0700
Spine & joint Ilsan TnTn Hospital Tel : 82-31-915-1000
Medical clinic Light & Salt Internal Medicine Tel : 82-31-905-8175
Women’s hospital Grace Hospital Tel : 82-31-901-2912
Western medicine + oriental medicine Dongguk University, Ilsan Oriental Hospital Tel : 82-31-961-7027
Jain Medi Hospital Tel : 82-31-930-3165
Oriental medicine In Oriental clinic Tel : 82-31-922-8275