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Story of Goyang history


Royal Tomb of Goryeo Dynasty made small and Shabby, Royal Tomb of King Gongyang


Joseon Dynasty’s royal tombs are large and glamorous. The city of Goyang has 8 Joseon royal tombs including Seosamneung Royal Tombs (Royal Tomb of King Injong, King Cheoljong, and Queen Janggyeong) and Seooreung Royal, and the Royal Tomb of King Gongyang is here as well.

It is the last royal tomb of the Goryeo Dynasty and it’s distinct from the Joseon royal tombs in its small size and shabbiness.

It consists of two tomb mounds. The left is the king’s tomb, and the right is the queen’s tomb.

The monument on which the calligraphy of “Royal Tomb of King Gongyang of Goryeo” is written is well-preserved.

Goyang City is the only place in Korea that has the royal tombs of Goryeo Dynasty and the royal tombs of Joseon Dynasty.

As for other stone figures, warrior statue, scholar statue, animal statue, milestone, etc have preserved their original form from the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.

The Royal Tomb of King Gongyang has many interesting stories, such as the stories of Sapsal dog, King Gongyang and Half-day tomb, etc.

Let's take a closer look at the differences between the royal tombs of Joseon Dynasty and the royal tombs of Koryeo Dynasty.