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The City of Green and Lake Goyang.

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Aerospace Museum

KAU Aerospace Museum The Aerospace Museum was established and has been operated by a technical educational institution, and it exhibits national and international histories of aerospace science fields as they collected them. It introduces more specifically and systematically than anywhere else in Korea about the knowledge and principle of the science and technology.

Baedari Museum

Baedari Korean Traditional Wine Museum Baedari Museum is established to carry on the legacy of Korean traditional alcoholic beverages, maintain and leave the important history. It exhibits various alcohol-related tools, artifacts, and traditional methods of making alcohol at a glance.

Theme Zoo, Zuzu

Theme Park ZooZoo The Theme Park, ZooZoo is a famous place of Goyang that is beloved by many children because they can experience and touch various animals including famous ones that were introduced in TV shows. There are experiencing programs and unique events with animals like an orangutan, monkeys, crocodiles and snakes.

Cultural Center and Museum of Latin America

Cultural Center and Museum of Latin America There are museums, art galleries, outdoor exhibition, resting areas, a souvenir store, a lecture room (100 seats), video system in the 16,500㎡ size of large land. There are 6 categories of exhibiting sections in the museum such as earthenware, stoneware, woodenware, masks, traditional craftwork, and lifestyle. In the earthenware section, there are an works art from representative cultures of Central South American Indian, and there are ancient civilization art and religious ceremony of Central and South America in the stoneware and woodenware sections.

Nongshim Theme Park

Nongshim Theme Park Nongshim Theme Park is an agricultural museum in Goyang where you can review the history of agriculture. Especially, it exhibits 5,000-years-old Gawaji rice seeds that were found during historical site excavation in Ilsan New City, and it is well maintained with its original condition. This is a proof that Goyang city was an agricultural region in 5,000 years ago and its value is very high.

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