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The City of Green and Lake Goyang.

We invite you to Goyang, where you can enjoy the culture arts and valuable cultural assets of korea the green and pleasant dwelling enviroment, state-of-art industrial facilities, transparent municipal administration centered on its citizens, and the warm-heartedness of our citizens.


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Goyang Mayor. My fellow citizens of Goyang city, my name is Choi, Seong, the fifth mayor, who was...

Goyang in Korea

About Goyang. Goyang is located in the northwestern part of the Korean penlnsula.
Goyang Vision

Goyang Tour

  • Bukhansan. Bukhansan Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in Korea and is, in fact
  • Lake Park. The largest part of the Bukhansanseong Fort ress is a massive stone castle wall
  • KINTEX. The World Flower Exhibition Goyang started in 1997 and is held every three years


Historic Remains Seosamneung & Seooneung

UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage. Goyang has many propitious sites surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, including Seosamneung and

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